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                                          Hunterlab colour measurement & match machine

                                          XSP-2XC biologic microscope and ion measurement microionto-

                                          Shimadzu LC
                                          Product synthetic room
                                          R&D test lab

                                                   Investing money in R&D can keep Dawnsun to be a leader and improve our competition and survivability.

                                                   Our R&D centre consists of complex lab, application lab, environment protection lab and instrument analysis lab. There are R&D centres set in our factories. With the help of advanced equipment, our technicians are developing hi-tech auxiliaries for you. Dawnsun invests lots of human forces and money in the development of environment friendly auxiliaries. Dawnsun hopes its works can help solving the critical environmental problems.

                                                   Through these investments, Dawnsun not only gets great benefit, but also gives you a bright and clean future.

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