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                                          Shanghai Dawnsun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd was founded as Dawnsun industry company textile department in 1992. As a manufacturer and trader of textile auxiliary agents, our products have been well-received in foreign-invested and join-venture dyeing factories around China. Dawnsun always committed itself to the research and development of organic synthesis and production application. Besides introducing advanced methods form Germany and Japan, Dawnsun has hired 68 technicians and established good cooperation relationships with several of famous textile universities and institutes.
                                          Dawnsun believes that only quality product can create credit, and only advanced technology can ensure excellent service. With quality product and excellent service, Dawnsun has become very popular in our customers; some of them have become our long term partners.
                                          Dawnsun firmly believes its products own great competitive force. It is not doubt that our products will update your products and provide new developing space and opportunities for you.
                                          Dawnsun sincerely hopes to cooperate with you and works together for Chinese textile industry.


                                          Copyright(C)2004,Shanghai Dawnsun Fine Chemical CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
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